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Recording Credits




The Regulators
Mark Louis Miller Guitar & Vocals
Roger Cannavaro- Bass & Vocals
Jonathan Lichtig - Drums
Marty Carlson - Guitar & Vocals


Track Listing

1. Jump in the Middle*
2. Slip Through the Cracks*
3. New Start**
4. Love Left Town*
5. Ain't No Shakespeare*
6. Swang**
7. Everyday*
8. Hold Him Tight*
9. I Don't Want to Walk Away*
10. Anything*
11. Done Something Wrong*
12. Little Frisky**
13. What Was Going Through Your Head?*


*Mark Louis Miller/Mark’s Own Music, BMI
**Marty Carlson/Blue Newt Music, BMI


Produced by Marty Carlson & Mark Louis Miller
Arrangements by The Regulators
Mixed by Marty Carlson
Mastered by Jim Chapdelaine
Recorded and Mixed at Barking Spider Studio
Additional Recording at Mark's Basement


Violin part on “Everyday” written by Greg Bennett
Violin (Everyday) - Ben Dean


Photos - Don Kitch
CD Sleeve Design - Terry Day
Special thanks to Merima Jahic-Trako (Slip Through the Cracks)


The Regulators
Roger Cannavaro – Bass, Background Vocals
Marty Carlson – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, High-Strung Guitar, Dobro, Vocals
Jonathan W. W. Lichtig- Drums (Bells on Picking Up)
Mark Louis Miller – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, 12-String Electric Guitar, High-Strung Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Track Listing
1. Love Found Its Home *
2. One of These Days **
3. Six String Religion **
4. Dancing Alone *
5. Make Your Day * 
6. We Were Standing * 
7. You’re Not Home *  
8. Ice Jam (Marty Carlson and Mark Miller)
9. All Systems Fail *  
10).American Dream **
      11, This Is the Place * 
      12. Picking Up *  
      13. Too Much Information *
      14. Keep Me Out of Sight * 
      15).Trailer Park Soiree **  

        * Mark Louis Miller – Mark’s Own Music BMI
       ** Marty Carlson – Blue Newt Music BMI

Produced by Mark Louis Miller and Marty Carlson    
Arrangements by The Regulators
Recorded and Mixed by Marty Carlson at Barking Spider Studio
Additional Recording by Mark Louis Miller 
Mastered by Jim Chapdalaine


Front Cover Photo by Sir Brooks Titcomb
Back and Inside Cover Photos by Marty Carlson
Cover Design by Terry Day


Guest Musicians
Brian Bo Ognan – Tenor Sax on Track 15
Howard Bujese – Violin on Tracks 2, 4 & 13
Joe Bouchard – Electric Guitar Track 10
Raianne Richards – Vocal Tracks 2,4,10 & 13
Gordon Titcomb – Pedal Steel Guitar Tracks 2, 4 & 6, Mandolin Track 4
Guy Wolff – National Steel Guitar Track 14


Special thanks to: 
Brian Bo Ognan, Gordon Titcomb, Guy Wolff, Howard Bujese, Jim Chapdalaine, Joe Bouchard, Chris Osborne (for lending her Guild), Raianne Richards, Sir Brooks Titcomb and Terry Day

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